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Red Wines

Red wines

Due to their more or less high sensation of smoothness, richness and tannicity red wines pair perfectly with red meats, venison, cheese and all the dishes which require a long cooking time and structured sauces.
The world of Italians red wines is extremely varied and rich, with all their perfumes that range from fruity to spicy, and colors that range from purple to ruby. The service temperature is between 14 C and 20 C.

White Wines

White wines

White wines production includes all Italy, from north to south , with a rich variety suitable for every palate. A young white wine usually has a pale green or white tonality which darkens over time till it becomes golden, coppery and amber. Perfumes and flavors also vary a lot but usually they refer to fruity, floreal and mineral.

Rose Wines

Rose wines

These wines are usually combined to the white ones . In fact they are served fresh and they start from a graduation of 12.5 % that arrives to 14,5% in the south of Italy .
Thanks to the brief maceration of peels rose wines nearly doesn’t have any tannicity but has a smooth and velvety flavor. His perfume is very delicate and reminds of fresh fruits as cherry, strawberries and wild berries. These quality make him a perfect wine for happy hours or to combine with seafood appetizers, past and delicate risotto, but is also a good match for white meats or cold cuts such as mortadella or pink salame.



Prosecco has a pale yellow color and a light fruity aroma. Used in a great variety of situations, envelops the palate with a slightly sweet taste balanced with a light acidity and a floral fragrance similar to the rose and acacia with a light citrus note.



It’s a kind of Prosecco Spumante , characterized by a sugar residue below 12g/l. It’s a refined wine with a pale yellow color and a dry and strong flavor . It can be consumed throughout the meal and is ideal to be tasted especially with first courses, seafood, appetizers, cheese and vegetables.

Extra Dry

Extra dry

It’s the more classic version of Prosecco with a sugar residue between 12 and 17 g/L . The color is pale yellow and the perlage is fine and persistent. It has a smoother taste but it’s not ideal to be paired with dessert. In fact extra dry Prosecco is perfect to be tasted with appetizer, legume soups and seafood.



Prosecco Spumante has a sweet flavor with a sugar residue between 17 and 32 g/L . It has a lovely and fruity taste characterized by a bright pale yellow color and a perlage fine and persistent. Unlike other Prosecchi is ideal to be consumed with spicy food.



Due to the presence of carbon dioxide produced by fermentation, spumanti wines are characterized by foam when you open the bottle. Spumanti are perfect to pair with desserts but also with appetizers and fish courses. Unlike the Prosecco Spumante is only produced in some regions of north Italy.

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